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It's not just a coin. It's a movement.

Up through 2008, centralized banks printed and lent out extraordinary amounts of money to inflate the housing and financial markets, while none of that money went into businesses to pay higher wages. With debt toppling over the masses, people could no longer afford to pay it back. This led to the financial crises that we cannot seem to escape. We now have a solution to this problem. Cryptocurrencies such as Machinecoin have a finite supply of money that will ever be created. Along with a public ledger[1] for anyone to view, this system can block centralized authorities, such as banks from controlling the world’s financial fate from behind the scenes.

Machinecoin is a free and decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that is completely open source and uses TimeTravel as a proof-of-work algorithm. Machinecoin operates with no central authority or any banks; managing transactions and the issuing of Machinecoins is carried out collectively by the network itself. Machinecoin Paper Wallets[2] allow to store Machinecoins offline and even much more safer than this can be done with any fiat money. Machinecoins can be traded with Bitcoins[3]. It is even possible to work for Machinecoin[4].


Get involved and download your Wallet.

We offer pre-compiled packages for Windows and GNU/Linux 32/64-bit.
If you want to compile the Wallet by yourself download the source code from Github.
An example configuration file for individual configuration can be found there too.
Once downloaded and started you have become a Machinist.

Project Description & Outlook.


The Machinecoin ecosphere consists of the following participants:
"Machinists": all participants of the Machinecoin ecosphere are "Machinists". For the Machinecoin ecosphere they are like atoms.
"Blanks": they are made of 1 or more "Machinists" that contain the entire Machinecoin source code. Basically any "Blank" owns everything that would be necessary to recreate the entire Machinecoin ecosphere from scratch. For the Machinecoin ecosphere they are like constructs made of stem cells.
"Gears": all "Blanks" that offer any kind of special Machinecoin infrastructure are called to be "Gears". For the Machinecoin ecosphere they are like constructs made of differentiated cells.


The complex interacting between "Machinists", "Blanks" and "Gears" forms something that we call "The Machine". "The Machine" can be compared to an artificial organism that uses block chain technology as its equivalent to the classical DNA of organical organism and that is used as an information storage and to be able to reproduce itself from generation to generation. Simplified one can say that the only difference between the DNA of a classical organism and the DNA of "The Machine" is that the DNA of "The Machine" is build up of the two ({0,1}) instead of the four ({C,G,A,T}) nucleobases. Giving a mapping "M" like M={(00, C), (01, G), (10, A), (11, T)} there would be even no difference.


"The Machine" is a complete self-contained cryptographic ecosphere driven by nothing but the Machinecoin cryptocurrency. The Machinecoin cryptocurrency is completely able to substitute any other well known classical (crypto) currency. Everybody can instantly and by themself become a new "Machinist" and form his own "Blanket" either alone or together with friends. Those who want to actively take part in the further development of The Machine Movement can become a special "Gear" inside of the community and help to make it even better with every single day.

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